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Style Dental
Based on extensive clinical expertise, Style Dental provides specialized medical care on following procedures:
#1 : All Ceramic Crown & Veneer Treatment
Speed All Ceramic Crowns & Veneers

Style Dentistry provides various kinds of ceramic solutions. We offer specialized ceramic molds for frontal and molar teeth. The ceramic crowns & veneers provided by Style Dentistry mainly focuses on aesthetics and durability, very close to natural teeth.

Style dental clinic uses a high-tech dental ceramic machine to custom make ceramic crowns and veneers which is based with CAD/CAM software manufactured by DELFIN (http://www.delfindental.com/) best known in Germany and Israel.
The ceramic crown and veneer treatment is carried out only within 1 to 3days.
#2 : Style Dental Brilliant Teeth Whitening Program
Zoom Teeth Whitening (Zoom2 Laser Bleaching)

• The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening
The use of lasers instantly and effectively guarantees the whiter teeth.
70% of results comes from medications, while 30% comes from laser treatment. Style Dentistry promises the best results in dental whitening through Zoom Teeth Whitening - a globally-recognized brand by Discus Dental - and its supplementary kit. 

• Laser Anybeam (Gum Bleaching)
Discoloration of gum is due to congenital concerns, drug complications, and food are common. It hinders the confidence behind our smiles. Now you can get your confident smile back through the dental whitening program for gum bleaching at Style Dentistry.

Style is equipped with world's best ZOOM system manufactured by DISCUS DENTAL (www.discusdentalcom) in the US. It will put the sparkle back into your smile.
#3 : Dental Implant
Implantium is the leading implant that proves to have the most outstanding clinical results with its SLA surface treatment.
Implantium is the only implant that Style Dentistry has trusted for the last 15 years, on the basis of its reliability and statistical success. 

ZIMMER Dental Implant (BY USA)
TVS implant manufactured by Zimmer, is uniquely recognized as the most comfortable HA surface coating in the world. The MP-1 HA coating technology improves the implant’s adhesiveness, very close to the natural teeth and is owned only by Zimmer. In the case of no alveolar bone or poor bony tissue, TSV presents as the best choice in its purpose. 

Procedures of Dental Implant
1. Measure and diagnose the implant's surgical area using a CT scan
2. Confirm the location within your anatomical structure prior to the implant procedure through the use of the scan's 3D imaging technology, and proceed with the implant.

   http://kmhglobal.com/h/find_my_clinic/Specialty/dentistry/style/110 [3985]

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