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「NATIONAL」 Dental jurnar, Unair 
 drgid (112.♡.20.124) | 12-08-25 14:14

The effect of hyperbaric oxygen in increasing the amount of osteoblast cells on remodeling process during tooth movement on male adult Cavia cobaya

Background: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a treatment method by using pure oxygen.Purpose: To determine the effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) in increase of osteoblastic activity on bone remodeling during orthodontic tooth movement. Methods: Twenty-eight male, adult Cavia cobaya were randomly divided into two groups. HBO was administered in the first group, and the second group served as a control. The maxillary incisors were moved distally by means of  elastic separator in all groups. Results: Results were evaluated histopathologyanatomy revealed in increase the osteoblastic activity of HBO. HBO application caused an increase of osteoblastic activity. Conclusion: HBO enhanced the the osteoblastic activity  during experimental tooth movement. Therefore, the findings of this study support our hypothesis that osteoblastic activity might be modulated by changes in the environmental oxygen tension

   http://dentj.fkg.unair.ac.id/ [4284]

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NATIONAL Dental jurnar, Unair
The effect of hyperbaric oxygen in increasing the amount of osteoblast cells on remodeling process during tooth movement on male adult Cavia cobayaBackground: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a treatment method by using pure oxygen.Purpose: To …
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OTHERS Daftar Situs Slot Online Resmi Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan 2022
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onebody implant
onebody implant
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ADM DRG | 09-27 | view : 4752 | 9years ago
overdenture type
overdenture type  
ADM DRG | 09-25 | view : 7183 | 9years ago
effect of implant position (1)
fixture super line
ADM DRG | 08-26 | view : 6373 | 9years ago
case1. full mouth rehabilitation with implant-supported FPD
case1. full mouth rehabilitation with implant-supported FPD
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gigi transparan
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