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      Schppl of Dental Medicine
      2013-03-22 08:56:36   drgid
      Implantium Implant System Implantium SuperLine Implant System Implantium SimpleLine II Implant System …
      2013-02-14 22:03:14   rudi haryanto
    • About Implantium Implants
      The system is well proven and Dentium have a 25% market share in South Korea, selling 190,000 implants, which is about twice the total number of all implants of all types sold in the UK in 2007.
      2013-02-14 21:57:43   rudi haryanto
      Kehilangan gigi, bukan alasan untuk sembunyikan senyuman anda. Ada berbagai cara untuk mengganti gigi yang hilang. Cara konvensional, dengan gigi tiruan, bisa lepasan bisa juga cekat. Kendala terbesar pada cara ini adalah pada kasus tertentu, apabila pembuatan gigi tiruan anda kurang baik, p…
      2013-02-14 21:56:11   rudi haryanto
    • Dental Implants 101 – An Interview with Dr. Ramsey Amin
      I recently had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S., an acclaimed dental implant dentist practicing out of Burbank, Calif. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry and also runs the Dental Implant Dentistry Blog,
      2013-02-12 23:11:39   Novita
    • Cost of Mini Dental Implants
      What are Mini Dental Implants (MDI)An MDI system is made up of a miniature titanium implant that serves as the root of your tooth and a retaining fixture that is integrated into the base of your denture.
      2013-02-12 23:07:25   Novita
    • Aesthetic Dental Implants
      Aesthetic Dental Implants In this modern society , looking good has become more and more important . To have a beautiful smile with a set of natural teeth is a must have nowadays if one wants to look good . With the high success rate of using dental implants to rep…
      2013-02-12 23:02:48   Novita

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