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    • Clinical application of the graft materials
      Title: Clinical application of the graft materialsⅠ. Normal Socket Healing 1. No Implantation 2. Implantation 3. Bone Graft 4. Bone Graft, Collagen HA Membrane** You tube - http://youtu.be/V3qPFQXLlgA **HQ VOD DOWNLOAD
      2012-11-11 16:58:00   drgid
    • Anterior region prosthetic procedure
      60yrs/Fimmidiate implantation on upper anterior teeth areaC.C : Gingival recession tooth mobilityKey point : - Flap design- How to conserve interdental papillae- Harvesting autogenous bone graftHQ VOD DOWNLOAD
      2012-11-11 16:51:45   drgid
      Perkembangan technology laser sudah berkembang pesat. Di mulai dengan yang kita kenal yaitu laser yang di gunakan pada ophthalmology, dermatology, dental, pain therapy, sugery.Sejak tahun 1996 lahir lah dental laser dengan menggunakan fox green laser yang di produksi oleh ARC LASER G…
      2012-10-31 13:28:09   PT.PUTRA GALUH MANDI
    • What Is An Implant?
      What Is An Implant?Three types of endosseous implantsThe term implant refers to a medical device that replaces a missing body part. Implants, as the name implies, are placed or implanted inside the body and function much like the missing body part that it is replacing. Medical technology has advance…
      2012-09-01 23:21:11   drgid
    • Wisdom Teeth and Tooth Extraction
      Wisdom Teeth and Tooth ExtractionThird Molar Extraction(Full Bony Impaction)Third Molar Extraction(Partial Bony Impaction)Third Molar Extraction(Soft Tissue Impaction) Dental ImplantsAnterior ImplantPosterior ImplantTotal Arch Restoration Orthognathic SurgeryMandibular Advancement SurgeryMandibular …
      2012-09-01 23:11:42   drgid
    • Style Dental
      Style DentalDentistryProfileDoctorsSpecialtyLocationReviewsBefore&AfterPrice ChartSpecialtySubmit your inquiryBased on extensive clinical expertise, Style Dental provides specialized medical care on following procedures:#1 : All Ceramic Crown & Veneer TreatmentSpeed All Ceramic Cro…
      2012-08-31 21:11:19   drgid

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